July 31, 2020
Rachel Wolffsohn
General Manager
The OHMI Trust

One Handed Recorder Team Update

Lots of interest from recorder teachers and players but still need people with 3D printing experience to work on solutions for testing!

So far we have a professional recorder trio signed up to test the recorders and they have been supplied with the current model so that they can understand how it works before any changes are made. The original developer of the 3D printed recorder is the co-facilitator and one of our most experienced teachers is signed up as the challenge owner. We have a PhD student from QMUL as a collaborator. He has some experience of 3D printing techniques. We really could use some people with first hand experience of current 3D printing materials and CAD to look at the existing design and work out how to print 100 at a time, without the need for hand trimming foam for the pads etc. The fingering is standard across a range of one handed recorders that allow progression from beginner to professional so the focus needs to be on the 3D construction of the instrument and ensuring that the instruments can be made available through a more conventional route .