From July until the end of September 2020, eight virtual teams collaborated to address a series of innovation challenges, focusing on the design, manufacture and supply of non-standard musical instruments and assistive equipment for both disabled and non-disabled musicians to use.  

These efforts culminated in a virtual showcase event on 2 October where the teams showcased their progress so far.

The showcase can be viewed here.
Supply Chain for Schools

How can we build an effective supply chain of adaptive instruments into schools, ensuring that disabled children are able to fully participate in music education?

Multisensory production

How can we redesign music production for a visually impaired person?

Virtual Band

How can immersive technology remove the limitations that people with disabilities face with traditional instruments?

One Handed Recorder

How can we improve upon the design and production processes of the existing 3D printed one handed recorder?

One Handed Clarinet

How can we improve the fabrication process and solve supply chain issues to make a one handed clarinet more accessible?

Bagpipe Chanter

How can we refine the prototype electronic interface that significantly improves the accessibility of the bagpipe?

Trombone Stand

How can we standardise the production of a bespoke moulded Trombone stand to enable mass production?

Violin Bow Holder

How can a prosthesis that enables bow control be redeveloped into a modular device (hand/wrist/forearm) to reduce the bespoke part to the attachment to the body?