July 31, 2020
Nate Macabuag
Lead Designer
Mitt Wearables Ltd

Violin Bow Holder Team Update

We have managed to assemble a fantastic (and multidisciplinary) consortium of designers, Music teachers, manufacturers, and most importantly potential users of the device. Next steps are to have our first brainstorming sessions and start prototyping!

A huge thankyou to everyone who applied to join the project! And Rachel has done an outstanding job to chat to everyone and build a really strong team. We now have researchers with experience in Orthotics, an offer of violin components to prototype with, a number of teachers to help with the technical aspects of the bow holding - and very importantly a number of potential users. User feedback will be key in making something genuinely practical and useful, so we’re very excited. Next we’ll get together and start brainstorming as a team but the projects looking good!