September 18, 2020
Rachel Wolffsohn
General Manager
The OHMI Trust

In order to keep the number of different components to a minimum the same piece was used in three different places, but this seems to have produced more issues than it solved so the design is being reworked to ensure that the recorder is as comfortable as it can be and also allows space for fingers to move around easily. We are exploring whether there are any standard components that could be utilised rather than making things from scratch, particularly the foam pads on the keys. It is also thought beneficial to try and strengthen the keys so that when they are pressed they move the pads instantly rather than flexing first. Although this is slightly different to the initial goal of taking the instrument from a 3D printed design to a small scale manufactured product, we will hopefully produce a better instrument by the end of the challenge.

Thanks to Covid and the need to clean instruments in schools, recorders are expected to become more popular than flutes and clarinets in the coming academic year, so all the more reason to make a brilliant instrument ready for those that will benefit from it.