September 18, 2020
Mary-Alice Stack
Chief Executive
Creative United

The Schools Supply Chain team is focused on developing an approach to ensuring that adaptive musical instruments and assistive equipment can be easily sourced, purchased and maintained by schools alongside their supply of standard musical instruments. We have an amazing group of people working on this challenge, each of whom is bringing valuable skills, knowledge and perspectives to the table and helping us evolve a solution that we hope has the potential to be implemented. Our first step was to develop an entity relationship map, identifying the many stakeholders, gatekeepers, customers, suppliers and other groups that have a role to play in getting musical instruments into schools, and into the hands of young players. Next, we've been unpacking the supply chain to look in detail at the systems and infrastructures that are currently in place and which are essential to the process of procurement, supply and maintenance. We have also begun to check our understanding of the supply chain by consulting externally with companies and individuals who have a direct involvement either as service providers or customers. There's still a lot to do but we are excited by the progress we've made so far.