July 31, 2020
Owain Wilson
Digit Music

Multisensory Production Team Update

The core team has been meeting weekly since the beginning of June to discuss our own experiences of accessibility in the MTI, to see where we feel the biggest challenges are, and how we can use this project to create awareness and give information to people who represent different interests in the area of accessibility and how we can be inclusive to all. The term 'hackathon' has caused some confusion as we're not able to operate in the true spirit of a hack due to the current COVID19 situation. Some team members in the course of their professional work have already achieved the original project definition to "adapt mainstream music production software for use by visually impaired music producers/engineers", so rather than duplicate existing work we identified what we feel are the main challenges to accessibility being adopted at the start of a design sprint in the MTI and how we can use this project to overcome those obstacles. We've been overwhelmed by the number of applications to our team. A lot of passionate people who all have their own perspective and value to bring. We will be meeting them all on the 30th July to introduce ourselves and our thoughts on what we could do to achieve best value for the project. We want to hear their ideas and how we best move forward so everyone feels they have been involved, listened to, and had a worthwhile experience.