Bagpipe Chanter

How can we refine the prototype electronic interface that significantly improves the accessibility of the bagpipe?
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May 19, 2020


During this electronics/engineering challenge, the team will build on the work of a young student who is playing a prototype bagpipe chanter. They will aim to complete the product design further refine the electronics. Depending on progress over the summer, this could evolve into a coding challenge for the app.


• What are the missing elements in the product design that need to be completed/refined?

• How does the product reach it’s intended audience?

• What are the coding requirements for the application?


• Proposed route to market for customers.

• Suggestion of design amendments to enable a completed product.

• Suggestion of electronic refinement and coding requirements.


Courtney Reed
Research Student (PhD)
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Showcase Video: Digital Bagpipe Chanter Team

The team presents at the IAMM Accessible Instrument Showcase.