Supply Chain for Schools

How can we build an effective supply chain of adaptive instruments into schools, ensuring that disabled children are able to fully participate in music education?
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June 2, 2020


Following the success of the 2019 pilot programme developed by Creative United in partnership with The OHMI Trust and the Nottingham Music Education Hub, this project will focus on the challenge of building an effective national supply chain of adaptive musical instruments and assistive equipment to meet the needs of disabled children attending mainstream schools across the country.


Could existing supply chains be flexed to include the provision of adaptive instruments and assistive equipment?

What proportion of the potential demand could be met through a fixed range of ‘standard issue’products designed for this market?

How can we build a cost effective and efficient means of responding to the needs of disabled children who need a more specialist/bespoke solution?

What kind of infrastructure is needed to establish an effective supply chain on a nation-wide basis?


Visualisation of existing/typical supply chains and stock control systems in use by schools and music education hubs across England

Identification of standardized products that could potentially meet the needs of a significant proportion of the anticipated demand

Design concept for a supply chain and stock control system for the management of adaptive instruments and assistive equipment for use by schools and music education hubs


Caterina Dellabona
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Adam Whittaker
Head of Pedagogy & Lecturer in Music
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Rachel Griffiths
Student - MA Music Education - Instrumental Teaching
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Showcase Video: Supply Chain for Schools

The team presents at the IAMM Accessible Instrument Showcase

Schools Supply Chain Update

Understanding the existing supply chain for musical instruments into schools, and why this doesn't work when it comes to the supply of adaptive musical instruments has been our focus for the first few weeks of the challenge.