Multisensory production

How can we redesign music production for a visually impaired person?
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May 14, 2020


The team will aim to adapt mainstream music production software for use by visually impaired music producers/engineers enabling them to practice their craft with maximum efficiency thereby allowing them to compete on an equal footing with their able-bodied counterparts.  They will also aim to raise awareness to both music equipment manufacturers and retailers of the importance of including accessibility from the development stage.

This challenge is a collaboration with Jason Dasent, a visually impaired music producer. How can we take Jason knowledge and experience into a wider arena?


• How can the user interfaces (UI) which usually contain many visual elements be adapted to be navigated by the visually impaired utilizing screen reader software?

• How could this technology be introduced and taught to visually impaired music industry practitioners on a larger scale?

• How to raise awareness and inspire confidence in the mainstream music industry of the competence of specially trained visually impaired practitioners to perform required tasks at the same level and efficiency as their sighted counterparts?


• To create and market overlays that would allow navigation of the mainstream music software by the visually impaired practitioner utilizing screen reading software.

• To introduce this accessibility and provide training to a wider sector of visually impaired potential users.

• To showcase a fully accessible workflow using mainstream hardware & software specially adapted for use by the visually impaired.  



Showcase Video: Multisensory Production Team

The team presents at the IAMM Accessible Instrument Showcase.

Something's Coming...

Meeting weekly, the core Multisensory Production team has been ideating how best to tackle the biggest challenge in music accessibility, awareness.

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